Praying for good result in exam

by Jane Camille (Seychelles)

St Jude I come to you in prayer during such important time.

I pray so that you can help me during my exam
Help my memory so that I can remember what I have study
Recall what is necessary and when it is necessay
Help me during my time of exam to stay calm and have very good concentration

Make my husband understand how important my exams are for me
Make my husband give me all the support during such time
and I shall do the same when he will need my support.
Give my husband the strength to look after our children and home during those time

Guide me during my exam to write the correct answers in order for me to have very good and wonderful result.
Make all the evil ideas that prevent me from concentrating on my study to prepare for my exam to leave me in peace.

St. Jude hear my prayer,
Answer my prayer


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