Praying for good job and confidence

by Mary Muhha (Dubai)

Dear Lord Jesus,

First of all, I really want to thank you for showering me and my family your continuous blessing and we are really sorry for all the sins we have done. I am here now asking you my Lord, to give me more strength and courage to face all the trials that I am facing now. Please help me to find a good job that can help support my family and for my sister education. Kindly help me bring back my confidence that I have once before. Please give me a sign if the job that I am applying for as a Secretary is a very good company. I am also seeking St. Cayetano for Job Seekers and the Unemployed to help me. I always believe in you Lord Jesus, with all my heart and soul that you can do everything in the right place in the right time. Lord Jesus,I laid my trust and faith unto you. I praise and loved you Lord Jesus. In Jesus name,amen.

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