Praying for God’s Help

by Michelle (Melbourne, Fl, USA)

Hevenly Father, I thank you for everything you have given me. I repent for all my sins that I do daily, please forgive me. I do have something to ask thou, You have given me a great, smart, graceful man into my life. We have been through so much togther in the past 7 years. You know that but a couple months ago I guess he was going through some issues with himself and he made a wrong move and broke up with me for no reason out of the blue.

I have forgiven him for his mistake, hey we are all human and all make mistakes. This is a mistake that most people wouldn’t forgive for. but all I want is him back. I need him back into my life. please bring him back to me as my boyfriend and furture husband. You have filled my heart with love for him. and I will keep praying daily. You said to me that he will come back and all the signs have been shown to me keep it up please and thank you. just i need to also know when will he come back.

they say the absense makes the heart grow fonder and it is so true on my behalf. He came to visit me the other day at work and my heart stopped. It was such an amazing thing. I just need him back into my arms again. please lord in your mightly name of jesus, king of kings, please do this for me, I surrender to you. AMEN!