Praying for God’s greatest blessing…

by Ana (Texas)

Dear Lord & Almighty Father,

You have one more Angel in your kingdom, in our dear son Lisandro. He is your most perfect creation that we only we were blessed to hold here on earth for 2 hrs. Although we hold him in our hearts and prayers eternally.

I pray to you Lord in the name of all the Saints and your Blessed Mother Mary that one day very soon you will grant us with a healthy child as a sibling for my daughter and the answer to our prayers to make our family complete. Only you Lord God knows the plan you have for us and we put all our faith in You as the Supreme Creator. Please hear my prayer and grant us this blessing.

As you know Lord, my daily prayers always include all your children through out the world beseaching your guidance, protection and mercy on their behalf. I humbly ask those blessings for my child and if it’s your will, my future child.


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