Praying for Full-time Employment and Money to pay my rent & bills in the meantime

by Monica's Oldest Girl, Pauline's Neice, Winifred Granddaughter D (NY)

First, thank you so much for this site,I just found it and already I feel inspired. I saw so many prayers that’s ay perfectly my struggle and desires of my heart.

I am in need of a Job, desperately, I have had many interviews that God has delivered for me but in the end they go to someone else. I am praying for a full-time job where I will use all the experiences, the skills, the talents and knowledge that God has blessed me with me throughout my professional journey, even during these last 5 years of struggle. Though I struggled, God increased my knowledge, skills, talents, experiences and let me find the field that is my passion to work in. I pray he will now let me find a full-time job in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry, one matching my true career level that he has placed me, one where all my talents and skills, that he has blessed me with, will flourish , a full-time job with a wonderful pay, wonderful co-workers, a flourishing environment with comradrie, team-work, professional growth, constant training to increase intelligence, respect, support, guidance, mentorship, benefits including health, dental, vision, 401k, financial, travel and the ability to give back through charity and mentoring to young people like me wanting to work in the industry. I pray in the meantime God will continue to deliver me financially to meet all my bills, rent, food, restore my phone, communication, transportation and personal hygene. Lord I am always ready to work part-time/freelance so I have enough money for my needs while I continuethe path to the dream you placed in my heart, to the blessed land you prepared for me, the blessed life you created me to live. God you know my heart and heard my cries, I want to focus on the blessings you give me, as you always help me to get by each week so I continue to have shelter, food, warmth, and all you have given me. Thank You, God. I am sincerely grateful to you. Without you I would be lost. You are my El Saddai, my Almighty God, thank you and please give me the strength to stay in faith in you even when I don’t see a way, please deliver me oh God, please resurrect me, please remove all obstacles, open the doors and clear my path, remove all in my past that holds me back, unlock the chains , cut the ropes so I am free of the past. it is a struggle BUT I am grateful I have you , so I can follow your guide, walk in your will to the dream in my heart, the blessed land you created for me. Thank you God!

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