Praying for Fruit of the Womb

by Selma (London)

I’m 27yrs my husband is 35yrs been married for 5yrs

And we have been trying for a baby for 5yrs without
Any success which is so hard to take it. I cry every month
When I see my period. I have never got pregnant before, I
Was never on a pill or any other method. I was diagnose with
Endometriosis on my ovaries, polyps, cycst and fluids
In my both follopians tubes. In the doctors eyes pregnancy
Is impossible. But all I know is that children are from God. I can’t do
Anything about the problem. I had surgery already
In 2007 and endo is still growing.

I ask God to bless me this month hear my cry
And bless me with twins boys. My God is a loving
God. Where is impossible he makes it to be possible.
God I need you more than ever to take this shameful
Situation. Looking for a fruit of womb is the most
Emotional thing to go though. God give all woman
That are going the same problem and bring joy in
Our life and your name will be glories in our life’s.
In Jesus name Amen.

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  1. Been trying 10yrs or maybe 14 years.

    Me and my husband been together since we was 14.years old kids. We got married at 21 I been trying when I wasc18 all way to now so we been married now going on 11 years in July. After 10 years after my marriage never though I can get pregnant see fertility doc did clomid nothin work I gave up. Well dec 7th 2015 I found out I was month n half pregnant. I made it up to my 3 month I was so happy because all I ever wanted was a family n few kids even if I ended up just one I still be happy. Well my doc gave me around around never wanted see me. All she wanted keep checking my HCG levels on blood work. She said she will not see me to see seen a. Baby in uterus well I send out dec 26 day after Xmas n I got very faintly my blood pressure down low heart rate down low they life me in waiting from for over 3 hours. Knowing I was pregnant I finally got into room they ask me if I seen my obgyn I told em no because they said she don’t wanna see me to she see a baby in my uterus so E!R, from contact my doc so they get me in soon my doc call me. Back day I was bout go see her n she said nope don’t wanna see u again. I want more blood work. She never wanted help when I did see her she walks into office said to me I wanna abortion your baby out u. I said no got off that table she the. Said after hostp. Started I having thradimg missicarriage but hostp sent me home then admitt me. Then she said lost baby my doc the. She said still pregnant then went from ectopic with that means tubal. I went to see doc Albany n e very thing look goof nothing in my tube and after went then she got made kick me out her officer.

  2. with God any thing is possible

    God will give you your twins!! I too am having trouble conceiving. Please pray for me i have been with my husband 10 years. I am 27 years old. I also recently miscarried in nov ’14 .

  3. The God of possibilities

    Nothing is impossible with God. He heals, mends, and blesses. My fellow believer, expect your miracle soon. God is in control in Jesus name. AMEN.

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