Praying for financial windfall

by Sal (Montana)

Father n Heaven n the name of Jesus and in His will I am coming to you Lord for answers to prayers for a financial windfall. Husband Curt made too many student loans and bank loan we can’t pay.

Please Lord restore all the financial blessings that the enemy has taken away,his disability check be restored,his incentives and bonuses,spiffs with his job,they were part of the job description when he got his job.Now the corporation he works for(Lowe’s)has taken them away.This is not fair and I ask and pray for justice.This is not fair nor right.It is making them lose employees,and is financially hurting many of them in sales dept as my husband Curt is a sales associate along with many others.This makes it very unrewarding for them to work there when they aren’t being paid the full amount.

They work for this money so they should be paid it every two weeks is should be in their paychecks,and so far it isn’t.This is not fair or right,I ask and pray for justice and the person(people) who made this decision for their conscience(s) to be convicted by Holy Spirit and the Lord Himself.Lord I am asking and praying for answers,thanking YOU for them ahead of time in advacne,Lord we desperately need this financial windfall,student loan forgiveness and bank loan forgiveness as well in the name and will of Jesus I ask and pray with thanksgiving in His name Lord willing Amen

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