Praying For Financial Help To Get a Car

by Richard W. (Bryant, AR)

Father, I know that you love me and that you have provided for me over these 60 years of life. My father I now find myself without a car due to the loss of my part time job. I am in need of a car because the person that is providing transportation for me is having difficulty making time to help me because she is working several jobs to help out her household. Father I do pray that you will bestow blessing upon her. All I need is a blessing for a windfall to help me get a car. I am not a greedy person I just need enough to get a car even if its not new. I would like to be able to help other people that are in the same situation. My Heavenly Father I know that you do not want your children to suffer but I am suffering without adequate transportation. I ask for this blessing in Jesus name, AMEN

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