Praying for financial assistance, work search, housing and starting a family

by Kelly (WI)

Dear Lord:

Thank you for this beautiful day and the blessings of a loving husband, family and small circle of friends you have bestowed upon me.

I know that I have done wrong and mis-managed our funds this past year. I pray that you will forgive me and provide me with the strength to resist these tempations.

Like the majority of people, we are struggling financially. Please help me to find a way to make ends meet this week and month. Please be with me as I continue to search for a job that will provide for our basic needs.

I know things have been difficult financially this past year, but my husband and I are desperately wanting a house. A mortgage would be cheaper then the rent we are paying. Please help us find a way to save and make it a reality.

We may not be financially set at this time Lord, but my husband and I want a family desperately. We have a lot of love to give, and these past three years of trying has been a very weary battle.

Please be with our soldiers and their loved ones. Give our leaders strength and wisdom.