Praying for fertility healing as well as healthy babies & pregnancy

by Alison (Barbados)

Dear God, I stand before you as I do everyday, a trusting, faithful servant … but a childless one dear God. I have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility and God, I ask you to put in your miraculous appearance Lord, dear Jehovah. Your appearance however you have ordained that which mystifies the doctors or which helps them to identify the correct challenge & remove the scourge from me. Asking for healthy pregnancy and baby. br>
Lord I have mothered, but do not know the joys bonds & love of biological motherhood. Lord you said go forth & multiply … at first I said it didn’t matter if I had children, but Lord it does matter. My aching heart breaks.

In your name dear God, I hold on to faith with an aching heart, expecting to be healed, Lord at 41 they say I’m too old, my eggs are old and my count low but Lord, nothing is impossible for you & those who trust in you. To bring up this child in the fear and love of the Lordis my desire.

I too would like to honour my parents & share the joys & love of a grandchild with them. To my husband, the opportunity to father again, and this time to have it in a rich relationship. As you experienced the love for your son as you shared with us, so too is my desire.

All these things I ask in your precious name, believing in faith for my breakthrough but simultaneously accepting your will.

Loving you Father