Praying for family

Dear Lord, I am praying that you will help me and my husband to have a child together very soon. In my past pregnancies, I was alone, and my ex husband even tried to say that the children were not his, but I did not, and would not lie about that. I was faithful to him, he was on drugs and could not handle a family.

Now I am remarried, and for once, would love nothing more than to experience having my husband there with me, during the pregnancy and afterwards, but I am having difficulty conceiving. Please dear GOD, help us to conceive a child or children, as we would be loving, Christian parents (as we already are to my children).

I also want to thank you for the things that I do have, what you have already blessed us with, as we have both come such a long way, and I am so thankful to have You in my heart now, more than ever. I pray you touch my children’s lives, and bless them and save them, as they need You now and forever.

Please help those who are going through extreme difficulties now, and help them to overcome whatever it may be that is troubling them. I pray for my nation, and I apologize for the evil that man has brought upon this world that You have created for us. Thank you Lord. Amen

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