Praying for credit card debt to be paid

by Dburch (Lubbock, TX USA)

Heavenly Father, Precious Jesus, and amazing Holy Spirit, please fill me with grace and wisdom. I owe $20,000 on my credit card, which I cannot pay. I am behind $2000 in payments but it might as well be 2 million as I do not have the income to pay this debt. I cry out to you everyday. I am so sad and feel so useless in your Kingdom.

My husband and I spent the money we had from the sale of our home to do mission work in Kenya and to adopt Anna Joy from China. When we found out she was born without inner ear structures, You miraculously sent Anna to Italy to have an auditory brainstem implant. Since she has been in our family – 17 months – we have spent our money on speech/language therapy, having all her teeth fixed, and follow up mappings for her hearing device in LA, Califonia.

Our money in our savings account has dwindle to nothing. My husband and I now live with our daughter and her adopted children. We take care of the household and children in exchange for room and board. Lord, we are at rock bottom both financially and spiritually. Please Holy Trinity, please hear my prayer. I need a miracle for money to pay our debts.

Please, Lord, fill me with your grace, love, and peace while I await your moving in my life. Thank you, Lord, for giving Anna the chance to hear. I know you are not forsaking me. I must stand firm in my faith and give you the praise in all things. Thank you, Father, for what you are about to do in my life. Thank you for the money you will send to meet the immediate need to pay my credit card balance of $20,000.

Please give me wisdom and strength to endure this situation. In the precious name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, AMEN

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