Praying for Conceiving

by Praying Sister (Virginia)

Heavenly Father,

I come to you today giving you the highest praise Hallelujah! Father I ask forgiveness of my sins that I may come to you with this request with a pure heart. Father you already know the desire of hearts of those who are trying to conceive and start a family. Father your word says, “you give the unfertile woman a family making her a happy mother of children, give praise to the Lord”, ” I will pour my spirit on your seed and my blessing on your offspring and they shall spring up among the grass like waterplants by the stream”, your wife will be like a fertile vine in the inmost parts of your house and your children like olive plants around your table”, Children are an hertiage of the Lord and friut of the womb his reward”. Father those are your words, not mine and I stand in faith and on your word, because Your word does not return unto us void, but will accomplish what you desire and achieve the purpose for which you sent it. If you said it Lord, then it is so.

Father, thank you for the knowledge and skill that you give to the physicians who make these diagnosis’ regarding our bodies, but you Father are the one true physician who can and will heal our bodies of all sickness and disease when we put our faith and trust in you. I curse the root and the seed of the root of infertility, negative comments spoken toward each one or over their bodies and any blocking spirit that is hindering conception and a healthy, full term pregnancy in the womb of each one who desires to start a family. I say today that infertility in those wombs or anything in those bodies that is not of you Father must bow to name of Jesus.

Father, I ask that you stretch forth your mighty healing hand over every part of each body from the crown of their head to the soles of their feet and all things concerning reproduction for each one who has cried out to you for a baby.

Father I have seen first hand that you open wombs that man said were closed and answer prayers in the natural that seemed impossible. I thank you and praise you for what you and you alone are able to do in the supernatural. I thank you for what you have done in the past, what you are doing now and for preparing each one for what you are about to do. Father if you did it for Sarah at her age, I KNOW that you can and will do so for each prayer that has been sent up. May they each know the joy of feeling that precious life growing inside them and becoming a mother. Thank you for opening the doors of life for a healthy pregnancy with no complications for mother or baby and for walking beside each one during this journey.

We love you Lord and thank for hearing and answering our prayers according to your perfect plan and will for each of your children. In Jesus name Amen

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