Praying for closeness to God

by Kathy ()

Dear Lord, Please restore my passion for our relationship and my devotion to you. I have sinned and caused separation from you and I need you in my life and in my heart to guide me and love me. Please forgive me for my many sins and restore my love and devotion to you. I once felt so on fire for you, thinking about you and communicating first and foremost with you. I don’t feel the discipline of seeking you first instead of other things and I don’t want to be that way. I want you to be my focus and strong desire. I tend to focus on my relationships with others and what is lacking in them and desiring them to be filling and satisfying my hunger for love and acceptance when they can’t always provide that and only you can satisfy the emptiness that I feel. Please fill my heart with your presence and keep me close, pull this straying sheep back to you with your shepherd’s hook and please wrap your arms around me and hold me close. Please comfort me in knowing you are guiding me through my life and please help me make the right decisions and choices. Please guide my thoughts and words to be pleasing to you and guide my actions so that I am living the life you desire for me and loving others the way you want me to love. I am so insecure and anxious about how others feel about me and want others to accept me and love me. I want to feel wanted, needed and important to my family and friends. I guess in the same way you, Lord, want to feel wanted, needed and important by us. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to not have those feelings so that I can understand how I am doing that very thing to you that I don’t like. Please forgive me for putting other things before you and please help me to center my life around you so that I can feel joyful and content. I love you dear Lord, for not giving up on me and always extending grace and mercy to me and giving me the chance again to better myself. Thanks for loving me the way you do, especially since I am so undeserving of it. Please know that I so appreciate all of my many blessings and please help me to see all of the things that I should be thankful for instead of seeing things that I don’t have. I love you Lord and want to feel your love so strongly and want you to be my most important desire and love. I love you!!!! Amen.

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