Praying for blinded eyes due to hard hearts for a FAMILY and ME

Let us pray for this family and me that the LORD would heal blindness to the Truth. Let us pray that our hearts might be softened, that the devils deceptions would be ineffective, and that God would no longer allow the sinner to rush toward Hell without warning.

We can pray confidently for even though our heart may be hard, the Holy Spirit has great convicting and convincing power. Let us learn the joy of forgiveness, give us strength and remove the blindness in our eyes. Remove us from going down the wrong road, heal our hearts from hate, judgment, jealousy, envy and any other sin in our lifes. Let us all make peace and forgive each other without ever reproaching the past, let us all have trust and make this relationships better than what it once was. Remove all sin from our hearts. Let us be kind and love each other. Amen

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