Praying for Atty. Nitoy Pastor

by Emmanuel Tio ()

Praised be The Most Loving, The Most Forgiving, The Most Merciful, The Most Joy-Giving, The Most Generous, The Gentlest, The Most All-Faithful, The Most All-Knowing, The Most Almighty and The Most All-Present Lord God Jesus Christ … now and forever! Amen.
Sir Nitoy Pastor+ had just passed away. The Most Loving and The Most Powerful Lord God’s Hand now carries him into The Everlasting Heavens.

May The Most Loving, The Most Forgiving and The Most Merciful Lord God, The Creator of the heavens and the earth, grant him Eternal Life, Eternal Light, Eternal Bliss, Eternal Kingdom, Eternal Paradise, Eternal Heavens, Eternal Mercies, Eternal Forgiveness, Eternal Salvation and Eternal Love. And may The Perpetual Light, Perpetual Life, Perpetual Joy, Perpetual Consolation, Perpetual Health, Perpetual Comfort, Perpetual Help, Perpetual Kingdom, Perpetual Paradise and Perpetual Heavens shine upon him. May he with our departed brothers and sisters, with The Most Holy Angels and His Most Holy Saints rest in peace, faith, hope, mercy, forgiveness, life and love of The Most Powerful Lord God The Most Holy Father, The Most Loving Lord God The Most Holy Son and The Most Consoling Lord God The Most Holy Spirit. Amen.

May The Most Holy and The Most Joy-Giving God bless you and keep you.
May The Most Powerful and The Most Perfect God show His Most Holy Face upon you and may He be Gracious to you.
May The Most Everlasting, The Most Ever-Forgiving, Most Ever-Faithful, Most Ever-Merciful and The Most Ever-Loving God look kindly on you and grant you His peace, happiness, faith, hope, mercy, forgiveness, Eternal Life and Eternal Love. Amen.

Thank you!

Thank you for The Life You shared to us, O Most Loving and Most Powerful God!

May Your Most Holy and Most Perfect Will be done on earth as in the heavens, My Lord and My God. Amen.

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