Praying for an outstanding resultfor the Russian exam (EGYE)

by Han ()

Please, I begging you please, please lend me your hand and your strength so I can pass this exam with an outstanding result. By an outstanding result I actually mean at least 80 out of 100. I have trained for this day so hard, I know I can do it, it just people have such high hopes, I’m scared, I’m anxious, I’m nervous that I won’t be able to meet their expectations, please God lend me your strength, so the test would be easier than the ones I usually do. Please the the essay be normal, god, please lend me your strength, I’m willing to give you everything I’ve got. Please, I really need it in order to graduate, please please please I’ve worked so hard, I can’t let myself and my family, especially my mom down. She has suffered enough. Please, please please. Thank you very much.

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