Praying for all of my debts

by Amor Palisoc (Philippines)

My dearest father God, angels and the Holy spirit,

Once again im here with you asking a great miracle to happen as soon as possible most probably if it is not to much pour me tomorrow Oct. 15, 2014 a huge amount of money. Father God im in deep financial problem my debitor trusted me that i could pay the money they trusted in me they have said hurting words against me against my diginty. Pls im begging you help me pour me miracle tomorrow im ineed of 100,000 pesos tomorrow to pay the debts i have to ms. Glayz M. Enriquez, sonia, mary grace, lea mendez, mang manny, tita rose and kuya bong. Pls im so desperate i have no one to run except you my Father almighty. Pls bless me that amount immediately for me to gain peaceful mind and heart. And for me to be able to start my life without fearing those loan hunting me. Pls. Forgive me for being iresponsible for my past failure handling my finances i know and i believe you you will give me million times to get back to my life again. thank you in advance for answering my financial problem. amen

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