Praying for Adam and me

by Love Found, Faith In God (Faith Ky.)

Lord Jesus I thank you for my blessings, for you’re love for me. I praise you Lord Jesus for all you are for dying for such person as myself, I’m not worthy, and I have done wrong in my life. Still you love me, I know my happiness is important to you, you know my heart, you know my feelings for Adam in your name Jesus I pray continue to bless me and Adam and bless us with love for each other without temptation and bless us with your love, for I love Adam from my heart where you reside Jesus I love him because our Blessed Father God made me the type of woman that loves genuinely with my whole heart. I believe you Lord Jesus, I trust in you Lord, in you name Jesus Adam and I will be reunited in love, peace and understanding, and with your guidence always bring us closer and strengthen our relationship with each other.

Lord Jesus in your name let feeling be mutual for Adam and me.
In your name Lord Jesus I pray,
Amen and Amen.

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