Praying for a succeful & happy life with my family.

by Green Gables ()

I pray to God to have a happy, healthy life with my family, my husband, son & baby to be born in March next year.

I pray to give them health & happiness & may they succeed in every step of their lives & I may always be there to share their lives with them.

May my husband find a new & better jop please. With peace of mind, appreciation of his work & better financial aspects so he can easily look after us & takecare of us. We may get rid of all the debts that we in at the moment & life a debt free live forever & always. Amen .

Please bless my son & baby to be born with a good, happy, health & prosperous life. May the both siblings live with each other with love & respect towards each other & always share in each other’s joy & sorrow. May my husband & I are always there for them & may they always be there for us.
May they study hard be good human beings & become great achieves in lives. Amen.

I may always be there for the 3 of them & may they be always be there for me. We may love, respect each other & never hurt each other.
My work also prospers & I can take good care of my home, husband, children & work all at the same time. Give me the stranger to do all this.
May I gain recognision in my field & one day I can work for my self & make a name of my own. Amen

My family & friends are always there to share our happiness & to lessen our griefs.

May the upcoming event of my son goes well & as planned. Amen.

May our lives always be a celebration because God, You are always there to look after us, takecare of us, guide us & protect us. Amen.

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