Praying for a positive result for my residence permit

by "Child Of God" (Europe)

Heavenly Father I come before you this evening ask you for Divine intervention in my current situation,Jesus I have not seen my child for a year now and She is coming soon,Lord Jesus I pray that this week I will receive good news regarding my residence permit Lord I ask you to intervene and make the impossibility to possibility work your miracles oh Lord like you have done for me before,Bless me of lord for you said ask and you shall receive,Lord Jesus I’m asking you to bless me and give me my residence so I can provide for my child,I pray for forgive I rebuke the Evil that might want to mislead me I pray for the people amidst War,poverty and disease,Lord give them the courage and bless them according to your will.I pray this believe and trusting that you will bless me,Amen.

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