Praying For A Miraculous Financial Breakthrough

by Antonio (USA)

Dear Generous Lord-God & King:

I’m down and out & kind of loosing all hope, feeling helpless at most times. Please grant me a miraculous financial breakthrough that I’m really hoping. I’m asking this not only for myself but for my family specially for my Mother who is now helpless in her condition. As well as for the many other important & valid reasons. Please Lord-God Almighty, hear and grant me my special urgent prayer request right away and do not delay in sending me Your Blessings!

I thank & praise you O, Lord-God Almighty for granting me my prayer. I believe I have received it already & it will be in my hands very soon. Help or erased any doubts or worries within me, in the name of Your Son Jesus who is my Lord, Savior, & King. Amen. Alleluia! Amen.

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