Praying for a miracle

by Evelyn (New York)

Dear lord, I come here today because there’s are things happening right now to my family. Please protect my whole family, please. My aunt got arrested and she is an illegal immigrant trying to find a better future for her and her 2 daughters.

Immigration got her we haven’t spoken to her so we don’t know how she’s feeling how she’s doing nothing it’s all matter of time until we hear something from her.

Please be with her in these pass few days, she isn’t a bad person she came here to work. She’s a very hard working women she doesn’t deserve what she’s going through. Please lord be with her don’t leave her alone she needs you. Please don’t let this charges affect her for her future once she get her things together. We are very sad for her because this wasn’t supose to happen. I could just imagine how desperate she is in without getting to see her daughters.

Please guide her in the right direction be with her in time of needs she needs you the most. Please free her as soon as possible don’t make it Harder the process. I know your plans are better than ours but this is so cruel 🙁 pleaseeeee lord protect her Amen -eve

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