Praying for a Miracle

by Carmen (Lindale)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all you do for me and my family – please continue to be with us and help us in our desperate time of need. My husband is facing possible prison time over a stupid choice he made and I have been so upset and feeling lost and alone with this as it is constantly weighing heavily on my mind.

I pray all the time and hope that you will make sure that he doesn’t go to prison – he is a sweet person and has a family that loves him and needs him very much. Please be with all of us and let my husband know that I love him so very much and need him with me so we can enjoy our life together with our children and grand babies.

Let the judge and prosecutor have it in their hearts to please give him another chance to prove he can stay on the right path and make better choices. Also please spread your love and help all those in need due to something they are going through in their lives. Thank you for all you do and continue to do Lord!!

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