Praying for a Miracle to turn my life and my family’s life around

I have been praying to St Jude for many months now because I am asking for a lot. Our family has faced financial stress for many many years now, and it all came to a head last year when I lost my mental health as well, although I see it more as suffering a spiritual crisis. The situation has also impacted on family relationships.

And during my crisis I created a situation where the financial burden faced by us threatened to cripple us completely. So as you can see I had a lot to pray for – a Miracle that would give my family a second chance at life, one that would remove the financial strife and so allow me to get well again and also heal relationships.

Since praying, things have definitely begun to improve. My husbands business is starting to expand and show promise of further contracts. I am feeling much stronger and am no longer crippled with anxiety. I do not wish to take medications, so I have been relying on a Miracle to get well again. And despite all the stress the conflict in the family has subsided.

So I shall keep on praying while I wait for the Miracle to reach its fulfilment. Thank you St Jude and Sacred Heart of Jesus for prayers answered.

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