praying for a miracle to approve our application for the provincial nominee program in nova scotia and approval of visa in canada

by Agnes Ria (Cebu City)

Lord Jesus Christ and to St Joseph, please hear our own desires and praying for a request of all our personal intentions especially for our application of the nominations of the provincial nominee program in Nova Scotia Canada and for approval of our Visa for Canada, I’m praying for your divine love for us that a miracle will help us pass our application even though that we always worry and loosing hope since we might be missing some eligible points for us to pass the nomination, I know that there’s no impossible to you oh lord and our lady of Manaog,we will leave everything to you, we are asking for mercy and blessing for our intentions. we pray also for the forgiveness of our sins that you may continue to forgive us and we pray for our whole family that we may also be healthy and may continue to receive all of your graces and blessings.

This we ask through Christ our lord jesus and for the merciful St Joseph

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