Praying for a Miracle in this financial crisis

by Kenneth (Jacksonville,Fl)

Dear Heavely father, I come to you humble as I know how thaking you for all that you’ve done and plan to do in my life. I’m asking that you cone to my rescue in this financial crisis im in my bilks are due and things are getting turned off one by one.

I have a new born little girl that needs me to provide for her, im also on probation for a mistake I made a few years back and i might have violated because I Can’t afford to pay and I havent completed the community service hours. God I asked that my prayer does fall on deaf ears or r err turd void.

I beg of you that ypu hear my cry for and interceed in my situation and take control.I trust,love,believe,and stand on your holy word.I send this prayer to you by the holy spririt and give you the highiest praise. Hallelujah,and thank you in JESUS name amen.

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