praying for a miracle in our relationship

by Kanthi (Bangalore,Karnataka,India)

Dear God,

I pray that u unite me with the man i love.
Please god restore our relationship.
Knit our hearts together and bring him back to me.Bring us closer together.

I pray for his salvation.Lord change him and make him a humble man. He must love me for who I am and for what I am.Bless our relationship.And make things work out for us.I pray that I must be the only woman for him.And I must be the only woman in his life.

He must be true and faithfull to me. Lord cut off all ungodly things from him and make him a better person. I pray that he must love and adore me.

I pray that we must get married soon. And we must always be happy together.I ask in jesus name. With much love. Amen.