Praying for a loved one who is down on her luck

Dear Lord,

My mother has had a really tough year. She was let go from a job she worked at for four years after making an alleged mistake twice in a row, then she was let go from the job she got soon after that for not picking up the computer system fast enough in less than 60 days.

My mother is an amazing person and a great nurse, but after being fired twice, back to back. She is having a very difficult time securing employment. She was offered a job with a practice as a secretary, but turned it down, as she is a nurse. She was offered a job on a nearby military base, but then the offer was rescinded due to her having been fired twice.

It’s been five months that she’s been unemployed this time around and we are coming up with nothing. A lot of interviews, but never an offer. Sometimes never even a call back. I’m losing my steam as her main job hunter. She’s losing her positivity and becoming depressed as we are moving in to the holidays.

Please pray for my mother. I don’t know what else to do.

Thank you.