Praying for a life partner, to have order in my life, peace, love and financial stability

Please St. Joseph, send me a life partner I can grow old with. I’ve been alone for w long time and life have been so lonely. Please do not let me grow old alone but send me that partner I’ve been praying for. Help me also to have order in my lifetime. To resolve all my problems and have peace. Lead and guide me and help me settle down in a place where I will be happy, at peace, productive, surrounded by friends and family. Please help me settle down in my own home. I am already tired of moving around. Pls surround me with good loving friends but most of all please give me a life partner who will love me and help me go through all the difficulties and challenges of life as we grow old together. And St. Joseph please help me to have stable incomes that will give me financial stability and not be a burden to my family. Amen

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