Praying for a job, to strengthen my relationship, for my project completion, for my results, for my mom’s health and happiness. for my love’s happiness

by Tom (India)

Dear bro,

Im so much frustrated about my life now.
I had gone through many trials and our Lord helped me come out well.

But for last few months, i finished my MBA and im on job hunt. sent many applications to all those companies i want to work. all doors seems to be closed. everyone around me are questioning me. without a job and earning, i cant do anything here.

though everyone says the industry is growing and lots of scope is there, im not getting a job.

im not able to be with my mom. its been long i saw her smile. there has not been a single day she dint cry thinking about me.
Im not able to meet my girl that i love. her parents made us not be in contact. but our Lord helps me to talk to her. I thank Him for that.

But this joblessness has made my life stagnate and people questions me about my Job and why im sitting idle.

Please bro, please pray for me.


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