Praying for a job and comfortable living

by Karenisha Alexander (Louisiana)

I’ve been looking for a job since 2001 and I have no luck. It’s depressing to not have a source of income. I’ve applied to every job possible and still no calls. I’m on my last straw. I feel like I’m worthless without a job. I hate depending on others for money. I ask that you all pray that I get a call for a job and that I get the job. I just want something that is steady and will help me provide for myself as a young adult. It’s the most heart breaking thing to not be able to provide for myself. I ask and beg that you all keep me in your prayers.

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  1. Praying helps

    Hi Karenisha

    Keep praying to the almighty Lord. With him everything is possible. I also want you to look at your curriculum vitae. It may be that you’re underselling yourself. Be positive and lively yet honest about what you put in it. For myself I found that a short letter attached at the beginning helped me get an interview. I applied for jobs for about a year and no joy. Then I attached a letter to my cv, put my prayer on this website and got an interview the very next day. So keep the faith. I’m praying for you. Regards


  2. Faith

    Good morning Karenisha

    You are not worthless !

    I pray for you this morning!

    Let people you know that you are

    Looking for a job a lot of jobs are had

    From word of mouth and never get


    Please go to church each Sunday

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