Praying for a fulfilling and sustaining job

Father God I have been praying over this for a while, and do not doubt your timing. I have faith that you will indeed provide me with a new job, as you have always been there for me from the day you brought me into this world.

Father, through your son Jesus Christ, I come to you humbly, asking you to grant me my long awaited miracle! Help me find a job that will help me get out of debt, enable me fully sustain myself and others that I am responsible for, and fulfil all the plans I have for myself and others- if it is Your will Father.

Father Lord God, a job that I will also enjoy and enable me glorify You with a whole heart. Father, I ask for an environment that encourages learning and love for work and others, as well as growth. I thank you in advance for my miracle; and wait very eagerly, and patiently. Through Jesus Christ Your son I pray, Amen.

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