Praying for a friendship to be restored and also praying for my friends well being..

by Moises (Philippines)

Thank you, the situation is very complicated, this will be very long..

Back in 2012, I’ve met a young girl through Facebook fanclub of some certain music artist..

Me and her became close friends and had a brother/sister kind of bond even though we never had saw each other in person… Everytime she is sad, depressed, having troubles and all that..She messages me, if she wants to rant, She will also also message me, if she is happy, same thing. And me despite being a closed book, had finally open my heart, shared and told her about my past deeds and experiences, about my inner struggles and insecurities.

Then like any relationship, there is trials, and one day Nov 2014, me and her talked again and i said and did something that surely offended her, although she said she understand and not angry, Things have changed, She become distant..She no longer messages me and i do she don’t reply…

We talked again this week, at first it is great, she said how she is thankful to have a brother like me even though we are not related.. But the past next days she talked to me with, its like i don’t even know her anymore, she is doing that ” YOLO” approach and just laughing on the whole conversation… Or worst not talking back at all..

The other sad thing is, She have been through alot,at the age 17..She is suffering from anxiety and depression, have an abusive father, her family always underestimate and belittles her… And as any teens, here comes the rebellion part, its not about her used to drink and smoke but somethings have changed, its just, she is becoming cold and trying to be numb so she wont feel the pain, Like its her way of dealing with depression.

She used to be very open, now she adopted the ” YOLO” ” Young wild and free” kind of approach that is neglecting and numbing the emotions.. It hurts me, I don’t want her life to be wasted, I don’t want her to be lead astray, I want her to be safe, I don’t want her to be hurt, I just hope I am paranoid or just crazy

She used to be active member of Youth For Christ, but now she is hanging out with the wrong kind of crowd in her college days..

Also the fact that she is taking an accountancy in college something SHE HATES, she wants to shift to BS Psychology, since She do really to be a psychology, but her family against it also frustrating

I apologize if its poorly written.. I am just confused on the status of my friendship with her.. I almost forgot……During November i started to realize that i do love her, more than a sister…but for now I am more worried about her well being.

I am confused, first I want to pray for her well being, I know she have been through a lot, doing her best but to only get disappointed in the end. I just don’t want her life to be led astray, I just want her to realize that numbing and being cold is just only hurting herself, I just want her to be safe from harm, away from bad people, bad situation, I don’t want anything bad happen to her.

Second is… This sounds impossible but i want our friendship to be fully recover, to be like the ” golden days” if not much better and closer, without any bad things happening to her to make her realize.

I just love her so much,

Third..She was a member of youth for christ and was active, but now it seems like she is more in the YOLO crowd I just want her faith to be more intact, I want her to have a stronger faith and relationship with God but without her going into another trials since she have been through a lot for her young age.

Thank you very much

Love from the Philippines

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