Praying for a Financial Miracle

by Concerned Mother (USA)

Our home is under review for foreclosure. We were paying our mortgage, and then my husband lost his job and we could not pay the mortgage anymore. He was out of work for 18 months. He found another job and now were back on our feet, and the mortgage company is saying that they want to foreclose unless we come up with a large lump sum to cover all expenses and prove to them we can afford the home. Oh, God, I cannot lose my home. My husband is depressed to the point of anger- and is taking it out on me. Hes always angry, Oh, God, through Jesus intercession, I really need a major financial miracle. Not only to save my home, but to pay off our debts and be able to give our children the life that they deserve. Please, God, come to my aid quickly! Amen

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