Praying for a Child

by Zee (Omaha)

Heavently Father,

Im here today to ask you with my heart and soul to grand me the blessing of being a mother again. I thank you very much for already giving me the chance of have two boys they are already teenagers; and also after cutting my tubes you have given me the opportunity and the bless of have at least one of my tubes repair. Now I am here to pray and ask you for the blessing of having a baby to give my husband the gift of been a father for first time and also to have the opportunity to have another baby in my own. Please God answer our prayers I also ask you for all those family who are also praying for them self’s God give them the bless of being parents God in the name of your son Jesus please guide us and help us to have our baby’s and get pregnant. Thank you Lord I love u. Amen.

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