Praying for a change in my husbands heart

by Jennie (Huntsville, AL)

Dear Lord, I ask for your guidance in my marriage. My husband tells a lot of lies about many different things, from talking to women inappropriately to money. It has brought a lot of insecurity and trust issues into our marriage. I pray for a forgiving heart because I’ve held on for so long to all the wrong he did before we got married which was carried into the marriage.

I also ask for your forgiveness Father. When we got married we also got baptized and was consistently attending church service. We have since slowed down on praising and worshipping you and I have seen a change in my husband for the worse. Please forgive us and allow us back into your arms.

Guide my husband and show him the right way to love and treat me. I want our newborn son to grow up knowing how a Godly man is supposed to act toward his wife. For all of this I give you thanks. In Jesus name, Amen.

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