Praying Desperately for a Second Chance

by ND (Louisiana)


Dear Lord, my Father and my Savior, I come before you praying my same prayer again. The prayer that I have had on repeat for almost a month now. Jesus, please give us a second chance. You know my heart, my soul, my mind, my sincerity…you know how much I love this man.

You know how crazy in love we fell and how fast we fell for each other. You know the plans that we had for our future. This isn’t just some fling that I can’t let go of. He asked my parents permission for marriage, spoke to all my friends about a proposal, even brought me to try on rings. He was paying for the ring. He had to have been serious…his feelings had to have been real. The things he said to me and feelings that he spoke of were to beautiful to be a lie. The night he asked my parents I felt an overwhelming happiness that brought me to tears. I don’t know what happened. I don’t understand. I have so many questions and I miss him so much that it physically hurts. This cannot be the end for us.

I could never imagine a life without him and the thought of it now is still unbearable. I don’t know why he is doing this. I don’t understand why he went about it all the way he did. I don’t know why he lied to me about things and I fear that there is more that I do not know. I don’t understand why one night he called and led me to believe that he wanted a second chance.

Only for him to completely block me from his life again by the next morning. And I don’t understand he could look me in the eye and tell me that he still loves me and that he is just not ready to get back into a relationship with everything else going on in his life…and then 5 days later he is dating a former friend of fine. Jesus please I beg of you help me through this. I cannot make myself believe that none of what we had was real. I cannot convince myself that it was all a lie and that his feelings were not true. Please get him to open his heart and his mind to me. Get him to remember the love that we had, the good times instead of only the negative. Get him to see the wife that I wanted to be for him…the sincerity I have in my love for him and faith in him. Please bring him back to me. Please God I beg of you, give us a second chance…a clean slate to completely start anew.

A chance to start over and do things right…to build a friendship as an amazing foundation for our love to grow, to truly love, respect, and honor one another, to not make the same mistakes that we have both made in the past, to not tear each other down but to bring each other up and make us want to reach our full potential, to support each other always in every choice that me make to better ourselves and our relationship…to build a future.

Let us understand how to communicate and not be afraid to communicate with each other. Help us to compromise and understand that it will not always be perfect. Help us to know love conquers all. We constantly talked about the fact that we needed to make you #1 in our relationship, but other than one or two things we never really took action on it. Help us to do that from the beginning.

God please give us a chance…please bring him back to me. If there is any hope for us please make it happen soon. We both finally found the one that we had always prayed for…and we took each other for granted. Please bring him back to me…don’t let him give up on us. We had looked for each other for so long and you finally brought us into each others lives…please give us a chance to make things right. To have a beautiful relationship that leads to a beautiful marriage with beautiful children and a beautiful life that always focuses on You as the center of it all. Lord please hear my prayer.

Heal my heart. And bring my love back to me. I offer all of this up to You and ask all of this in Your name. Amen