Prayers Work – No Matter How Big the Problem

by CG (California)

Back in December my husband and I were faced with a tentative eviction as our landlord had plans to sell the beautiful house we had been living in for seven years. We were both in shock and knew we could not afford to purchase the house. I went to church almost every single day and prayed for some type of miracle, mostly it was prayers to help us find another place to live in the area we loved so much. We looked and looked and could not find an affordable place – then we got a phone call, our landlord had changed his mind and decided not to sell the house!

This was true miracle, and I cried with tears of joy and relief.

I knew deep in my heart my prayers worked. Since then I still pray every day and thank god for all of his blessings.

I want to pray for all of you who may face eviction or need the lord’s help.

God be with you.

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  1. Faith

    My prayers are with you and your husband
    Continue to go to church each Sunday
    And praise the Lord with your lifr

  2. Financial

    I prayed to st. Jude one morning for some financial help. That evening someone reply to an application I had put in a really good job. It was like a miracle. Thank you st. Jude and thank you Lord

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