Prayers to Sell Our Condo

(Washington State)

We have been on the market now for a month. We have had one offer but it fell through for an unknown reason. Selling property is very stressful when you are racing with time. The only thing keeping my sanity is my faith. I know this is in God’s time.

Our family has outgrown our wonderful home and we are ready to move into bigger space. The house we have our eye on will begin building in a couple of months and with the holidays here, we are praying and hoping that we sell before that in order to purchase the house that we want. We have prayed the Novena to St. Joseph and recently started it over again. We also pray every night in our own words:

Saint Joseph, We humbly beg you to help guide the the right person or family to our condominium. We have been blessed with a beautiful space to keep our growing family safe and sound and now it is time for us to pass this blessing onto someone else.

We pray for your help to sell quickly so we may profit enough to purchase a home which we can continue to grow and serve our Lord in

You’ve blessed me with many talents, especially the talent to work where I do. I am thankful for the job I have in order to provide for my family and purchase our first home. I pray you aid us in purchasing our second home. May you bless me with patience through this process and wisdom to make smart decisions. I pray you help St. Joseph assist us in our time of need.


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