Prayers to Save My Marriage

by Marcia (Kalamazoo, MI)

I ask Lord God Almighty that you would heal my marriage and save it from failure. Please Lord, I have given my heart and soul to my husband of just one year and I honor my commitment to him and the vows that we said to each other through Your Word. He wants to leave the marriage and will not forgive me and is full of evil and Satan has gotten to his heart. I pray Lord God that you would turn his heart back to me…rebuke Satan out of his heart and help him to see all the love and his commitment to me, you God and our children. Please save my marriage. In Your name I pray. I have lost my job and he has abandoned me and the kids but yet two months ago claimed how much he loves me. Please help him to feel those feelings instead of the evil that has gotten to his heart. God Bless my husband, keep him safe and healthy and bring him back to us.

Thank you for your grace and mercy and all your blessings.


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