Prayers to save my house and myself

by Cheryl H (Rogers, AR)

My mother died from cancer on 06/08/2014 without a will or trust. Neither my brother nor I are on the deed or the mortgage. The mortgage is in default and I have yet to find a job after leaving my previous position to take care of my precious mother. We can’t afford to get the deed in our name or pay off the default on the mortgage. If I can come up with enough to get the house out of default, I think the mortgage company might work with us. I’m worried that they will lock me out of the house and I won’t be able to get anything out, including clothes. I lost my father on 07/01/2013 and my aunt on 12/29/2013 and now all this. I feel very overwhelmed and lost. Please pray that we get the money needed or at least that the mortgage company will let us have the items that mean so much to us and time to move. Also pray for peace in my heart, I cry myself to sleep on the rare occasions I actually sleep. The stress is affecting my health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Need all the prayers I can get. Thank you.

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