Prayers to return the relationship

by Eric ()

I pray that the relationship between Carolyn and myself can be restored. We have been together for a little over 2 years now. And then all of a sudden she says her feelings weren’t as strong. I feel like knowing this woman the way I do, this was something that she was basing off of a temporary emotion. I have had a difficult time with this. One minute I am sobbing with tears and the next, I am overcome with joy because I get the feeling that God is taking care of it. I have felt as if God sits at the edge of my bed and say Eric I’ll take care of Carolyn’s heart, but I need you to take care of yours. When we met I had a feeling that emotions would develop but I never knew that they would be as strong as they are. It’s my prayer to the Lord above that he reconcile this relationship with me and Carolyn.

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