Prayers to Protect Information on the Internet

by Gerald ()

Father God in the name of Jesus as days go by most people have now turned to the internet for every day uses and the internet sometimes proves itself to be unworthy of protection. That’s why Lord I’m asking you because I know you can do all things through christ in which strengthen us.

So Lord as people are paying bills, doing business, ordering materials, applying for applications Lord please guide and protect them from any malicious spyware or virus that can withdrw any information from the person doing such to handle responsibilities.

Lord also by applications it could be anything from job applications to ACT or any other standerdized test.So Lord I ask of you with the most highest of respect Lord please secure information given over the internet such as SSN#(social security number), addresses to where one stays,telephone numbers, and credit card information.And Lord if they do so let them fail to do so or perish(cease) in their attempts on doing so.

And this we kindly ask of you are dear Lord in Jesus name Amen.

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