Prayers to overcome being defamed and for strengthening of my family

by Ann (Georgia)

I humbly pray for a successful and timely resolution to an incredibly difficult situation. While my husband placed himself in a difficult position he has been victimized by a coworker. She is saying things that are untrue and have had a negative impact on his career and our family.

I pray that the truth may be known and that any punitive action minimally impact our four wonderful children. I ask that our family use this challenge to grow in love, faith, and grace. May those that are handling this situation have compassion, forgiveness, grace, and mercy for my husband and family.

I also pray that this woman be given the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical help she needs (she’s had issues before). May we set aside our hurt and anger, and instead focus on forgiveness, moving forward in faith, hope, and love.

Allow us as we move forward to remember to pray for the least of us, and to go forward as children of God.

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