Prayers to Mary Mother of God and Saint Jude

by Blake (U.S.)

I’ve been saying two novenas for my friend’s grandma. She has fallen ill, and I have much concern for he and his grandma. Two novenas, one for his grandma, and one for him and his family to be ok through all of this.

I have no doubt Mary and St. Jude will answer these prayers, specifically because they are for the benefit of others, rather than myself, and of course because they both have answered countless prayers that I have asked for myself. There are are so many prayers and novenas that can be prayed, but if you ever find yourself in a helpless situation, St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases.

Mary, being our mother could never deny our requests, she loves us without limits. I Thank you Mary and Saint Jude for listening and answering my prayers! Blessings to all…