Prayers to make the right decision for new company

Dear Lord,

I ask you to give us a guidance to do the right decision in the process of openig up a new company between my partner and me. Before we started, we had a plan of putting our son and me as share holders and directors of the company, but unfortunately our son is too young and he can not be in the company until he turns 18 years old as a share holder and 21 years as a director. Now we are in a process of finding somebody else to be a director and shareholder with me in the new company.

It’s a tough situation, but I pray for lord’s assistance helping us to find the person that we can trust completely who has an open heart, faithfully and a hardworker. And I also pray for my patner to make the right desicion on this, since he’s very stressed with the whole process but I believe that god will lead us through this process.

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