Prayers to Help Prevent Infidelity Thoughts in my Partner

by Marie (Los Angeles)

Heavenly Father:

Lord of my life. I look to you the divine to help with my situation with my fiance who has an issue with infidelity. I pray for peace in his mind and fidelity in his heart and in his daily walk. I pray that he runs to you Lord for fulfillment when inappropriate needs plague his mind. I pray you are the glue to our union to look straight up to you and that you bless our union to resolve these issues brought on by the enemy. I pray for love and abundance by your hand, and that healing in our hearts take place so that WE run to you for thriving, not surviving and that you my Lord lay down your mighty hand to prevent the acts brought on by the enemy that is disguised as opportunity. I love you my Lord, I trust you my Lord, I have full faith in you my Lord. Help us save our home and family that we try to build. In Jesus holy name, I pray.