prayers to heal my son

by Dawn (Idaho)

Heavenly father please help my son stop the things that he is doing . He needs your love and guidance more the ever. i pray that he gets his head straight and off the evil things that are keeping him from a good life. He is so smart he just is lost. i pray for your help to be the support and help to him that i can be for him. please help him i pray for life to get better for all of us. so we can smile and love life . In Jesus name Amen

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  1. Faith

    Dawn good morning

    You are a good Mother!

    My prayers are with you this morning and your


    Please be sure to go to church each

    Sunday Jesus needs you also

  2. Prayers

    Dawn I am praying for your son. My son had a very bad problem and through the grace of God he found his way back to sobriety. I made him do it on his own since he seemed to not want my help, and everything I did for him just made him more dependent. He chose family over drugs Thank God. Your son can help himself too. Prayers definitely helped.

  3. your son

    im praying for your son so that he can get back on track i my self sometimes have trouble staying on track but God will provide

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