Prayers to have my wife bring me home

by John (Uniontown,Ohio)

Heavenly Father God,I am asking you to please restore my marriage and have my wife tricia bring me home Today.It has been 2 months Father God.I am hurting in pain being without my wife and Children.God you know what I have been falsely accused of.I have taken a polygraph test wich my wife doesn’t believe.Please Heavenly Father God have my wife Tricia have me return home today to be A Husband to her and a Father to our Children.I have all my love trust and honor in your Heavenly Father God.I will not be defeated I will win my wife and children and our family back.I have you walking with me father God and your son Jesus.And I Trust in you that you will have my wife and children come tell me to come home today forever.I pray to you in Jesus name,Amen

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